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CLPRAChild Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act (India)
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He added the Punjab government is proactively playing its role in ensuring that the menace of child labour at brick kilns must be eradicated at all cost.
The ILO stated that legislation alone cannot eradicate child labour, but at the same time, it won't be possible to eradicate childlabour without effective legislation.
A starting point is the ratification of international commitments to eradicate child labour by 2025 and forced labour by 2030, as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The minister said people from all walks of life should come forward and play their due role for getting rid of child labour.
These policies should be based on a common strategy to combat poverty and child labour, as well as the protection of delinquent children and marginalised groups, he stressed.
Rooij pointed out that child labour has decreased by 30 percent on a global scale; however, there are still 160 million children who are working throughout the world.
After the 1990s, the Government of Nepal has been addressing the problem of child labour on a war footing, but is simultaneously aware that in the socio-economic context, it is a difficult and complex issue.
While not all child domestic workers suffer abuse or exploitation, children working as domestics are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, forced labour, and the worst forms of child labour, making child domestic work one of the most widespread and potentially exploitative forms of child work in the world today.
Samsung accused of mistreating workers, using child labour in china.
Keywords: Child labour, Child health, Situation analysis, Best practices, Karachi, Pakistan.
The government has called on various agencies including non-government organisations and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to help end by 75 per cent child labour practices in the Philippines by 2015, a senior official said.
The impact of household income on child labour in urban Turkey," Journal of Development Studies, 42, (6), pp.
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