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CLWACastaic Lake Water Agency (Santa Clarita, CA)
CLWAChildren living with AIDS (Lancaster, OH)
CLWACanandaigua Lake Watershed Alliance (Canandaigua, NY)
CLWAChip-Level Weibull Analysis
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The connection between two mothers launched what has become one of the most successful campaigns to help children living with AIDS and HIV--Keep a Child Alive.
New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): A photo exhibition named 'The People Tree', which opened here last evening, is dedicated to communities such as female sex workers, the gay people, transgender, vulnerable and orphan children living with AIDS.
PEOPLE starving in Darfur, children living with AIDS in Africa, kids living on rubbish tips in South America ...
With almost a quarter of the adult populations of each of these countries infected with HIV, there are more than one million children orphaned by the disease, and 500,000 children living with AIDS. "Some of these kids are orphaned two and three times over," says Crandall, adding that H4H provides them with a family they might not otherwise know.
The new Mrs Bianca Butcher was out yesterday campaigning on behalf of children living with AIDS.
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