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CHWRChilled Water Return
CHWRCommander Helicopter Wing Reserve (US Navy)
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The primary chilled water pumps should be variable speed so that if the chilled water return temperature is higher than design, as might be encountered on a hot day, the chiller will not overload and cause the chilled water supply temperature to increase above design.
With its decoupled hydronic attachment to the chilled water system, the closed-circuit cooling tower chilled water return (CHWR) pre-cooler would have a similar impact on the chilled water plant as a reduction in general cooling load.
The large difference between the mean monthly values can be because of the small [DELTA][T.sub.chw] between the chilled water return and supply temperature of the evaporator of chiller #1.
It was concluded that the main reason for the low chilled water return temperature was the use of 3-way cooling coil control valves rather than the partial loads of the coil if the coil was designed, operated, and maintained properly.
For a given cooling load and chilled water leaving temperature setpoint, a lower flow gives a higher chilled water return temperature.
The Heat Exchanger is piped in series with the chilled water return to provide both full and partial cooling of the sensible chilled water depending on the ambient wet bulb conditions.
Pressure drop (psi) [less than or [less than or equal to]5 equal to]5 DESIGNING FOR HIGH CHILLED WATER RETURN TEMPERATURE
The integrated economizer was further optimized by carefully selecting the right cooling coils, control valves, and secondary chilled water pumps to allow for a constant 17[degrees]F chilled water [DELTA]T at all loads, resulting in a chilled water return temperature of 77[degrees]F (25[degrees]C).
Moreover, the constant water flow system can the constant speed pumps will add extra cooling load on the chillers, and degrade the chiller efficiency due to decreased chilled water return temperature.
The HRC evaporator pump comes off the chilled water return line and connects back to the chilled supply.
Many campuses do not insulate the chilled water return pipe when using plastic pipe and operating at close to ground temperature.
This maximizes the chilled water return temperature which allows the economizer to operate more hours.