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ChindiaChina and India (together, in world affairs)
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The framework will be explained in the following sections, starting with the internationalization-firm performance relationship concept in the Chindia countries.
The Rise of Chindia, in CHINDIA, supra note 105, at 13, 14 ("Until now, China has attained dramatically higher growth.
Con este fin, en este trabajo se plantea y argumenta la tesis de que los hechos y las tendencias observadas apuntan, salvo grandes cambios inesperados, hacia una creciente y duradera cooperacion, una alianza estrategica: el escenario Chindia.
This book starts with an introduction chapter, where the author has given some background data to demonstrate the rapid rise of Chindia phenomenon.
They call it Chindia ( the Asian growth miracle fuelled by the world's two most populous countries.
16 Johnson NW, Warnakulasuriya S, Gupta PC, Dimba E, Chindia M, Otoh EC, et al.
Chindia alone was responsible for approximately 62% of global demand last year.
While several of my informants thought Chindia was a good idea, almost nobody predicted it would happen.
But I see the Chindia opportunity in the small but increasing commercial activity between the small medium enterprises of the two countries.
The sources-of-growth framework not only brings out the different drivers of long-term growth in two very different economies (trivialized by the Chindia hype), but also identifies serious obstacles to long-term success, contrary to the reviewer's impression.
The optimistic idea of Chindia gives force to the notion that the two countries are fundamentally complementary in their economic relations: China has the hardware and india has the software.