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ChindiaChina and India (together, in world affairs)
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Giving a big boost to the startup ecosystem, the third edition of 'Chindia TMT Dialogue 2018', the annual conference organized by Draphant.
(26.) Vincent Wei-cheng Wang, "'Chindia' or Rivalry?
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The Indian politician Jairam Ramesh has evoked a composite Asian giant comprised of India and China, which he called "Chindia." That, too, is unlikely.
(105.) See Pete Engardio, Introduction to CHINDIA: How China and India Are Revolutionizing Global Business 27 (Pete Engardio ed., 2006) [hereinafter CHINDIA] (noting "India's decrepit infrastructure [and] bureaucratic red tape"); The Rise of India, in CHINDIA, supra, at 45, 49 ("[C]ompared to China with its modern infrastructure and disciplined workforce, India is far behind in exports and as a magnet for foreign investment."); see also ROBYN MEREDITH, THE ELEPHANT AND THE DRAGON: THE RISE OF INDIA AND CHINA AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR ALL OF US 57 (2007) ("China is winning the sprint, and [India is] going to win the marathon." (quoting Kamal Nath, India's minister of commerce and industry)).
Ninan, editorial director of Business Standard, throws cold water on the notion of Chindia, arguing that the two countries are not in the same league.
Chindia. Como China e India estan revolucionando los negocios globales.
An unabashed realist who believes in the centrality of power and interest in an international system that privileges conflict over cooperation, Malik rubbishes the notion of "Chindia"--a condominium of the two rising states--as wishful thinking.
The commonalities have revived the buzz about 'Chindia', or the idea that as much as China and India might compete, they may well complement each other.
The rhetoric of "Chindia" has caught the attention of policymakers and academics and has raised a new kind of euphoria in bilateral ties.