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CHOChinese Hamster Ovary
CHOCarbohydrate (chemical formula Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen)
CHOChemical Hygiene Officer
CHOChief Happiness Officer (work happiness expert)
CHOCommunity Health Outreach (various locations)
CHOChief Health Officer (corporate title)
CHOCommunity Hospital of Ottawa (Illinois)
CHOContinuous Hours of Operation (software testing)
CHOCommunity Health Organization
CHOCommunity Health Officer
CHOCambodian Hope Organization (religious non-profit)
CHOCameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)
CHOCMOS Harmonic Oscillator
CHOChief Household Officer
CHOCharlottesville, VA, USA - Charlottesville/Albemarle (Airport Code)
CHOCentre Hospitalier d'Orsay (French: Orsay Hospital Center; Orsay, France)
CHOChildren's Hospital of Oklahoma
CHOCanadian Hemophilia Outcomes
CHOClub Hématopoïèse et Oncogenèse (French: Hematopoiesis and Oncogenesis Club; French Society of Hematology)
CHOCertified Hotel Owner (certification)
CHOChief Humanitarian Officer
CHOChuan Hup Offshore
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N-Glycans of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO): Therapeutic proteins obtained from Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines show almost same glycosylation pattern as human, and hence, are most widely used in the development of biosimilar products.
2016) Development of genetically modified Chinese hamster ovary host cells for the enhancement of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator expression.
Screening for estrogen and androgen receptor activities in 200 pesticides by in vitro reporter gene assays using Chinese hamster ovary cells.
The rUL128 production system was successfully constructed by using eukaryotic expression vector (pIRES-AcGFP-UL128) with 6x His-Tag fused to its N-terminal, then transferred into Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line.
Keywords: Chinese hamster ovary cells, Peptones, Polyethylenimine, Protein production, Transient gene expression
Lower culture-temperature effects on recombinant Ifn-alpha production in chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.
For vaccine formulation, HeVsG glycoprotein was produced by using a Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) or a 293F human embryonic kidney cell expression system (15) with 1 of 2 different HeVsG glycoprotein preparations: 1) affinity-purified sG glycoprotein (293F cells) or 2) clarified sG containing cell culture supernatant (CHO cells).
Proteomic profiling of a high-producing Chinese hamster ovary cell culture," Anal Chem.
leaf extract (LE) against DNA alkylations induced by ethylmethanesulphonate (EMS) in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.
Change of Insulin-like Growth Factor Gene Expression In Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Cultured in Serum-free Media.
Using their expertise in cell line, medium and feed development, raw material characterization, vendor qualification and supply chain management, the company is working to improve Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) monoclonal platform cell lines and to redesign the way the platform processes are conceived and executed, and the company's off-the-shelf platform will include parental CHO cells genetically engineered for enhanced bioproduction, and chemically defined media and feeds designed to work in harmony with the cell lines.
Podansky et al identified altered glycosylation of insulin and insulin-like growth factor receptors in a Chinese hamster ovary cell-line, which caused binding specificity to change for insulin (1).
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