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Denise Ho, a famous Chinese pop star who was born in Hong Kong, actively supports the anti-government protests.
Note, too, that with or without cultural events, Filipinos have been picking up on some Chinese pop songs-not on the scale of K-pop (Korean pop), but still with enthusiasm.
The company explained, "Asia continues to be a market of growth and opportunity for Live Nation, and the company has seen Singapore steadily raise its profile as a destination for tours spanning Western Pop and R&B genres as well as Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and more.
His third album 'Namanana' debuted at No 21 on the Billboard 200, making it the highest ranking for a Chinese pop artist.
Filipino artists including opera singer Jonathan Badon gave their renditions of well-known Filipino songs such as Anak and Kalesa as well as the famous Chinese pop song The Moon Represents My Heart, to the audiences delight during the lunch reception.
Recently, even in Korea, in addition to learning about traditional Chinese culture, Chinese pop culture has drawn attention, with channels dedicated to Chinese dramas available to the public.
Despite the increased popularity of South Korean and Chinese pop culture, the pop music and television shows from Taiwan still counted for something among Southeast Asian audiences, while visa waivers added to the attractiveness of the island as a travel destination, the Liberty Times reported.
Students Li Jingya and Duan Huimin are sitting in one booth, headphones on, crooning Chinese pop songs.
After teaching himself music theory from library books he pursued a formal music education to PhD level, he has worked throughout the world on music projects ranging from producing Chinese pop to composing avant-garde music for Surge Orchestra.
Three of Asia's most popular superstars have signed on as ambassadors for Liquid State across the region, with Chinese pop superstar Chris Lee as ambassador for Chinese mainland, internationally acclaimed singer and actor Nicholas Tse as ambassador for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and multi-talented phenomenon from BIGBANG, Seungri as ambassador for South Korea.
It's a popular destination for anyone looking to warble a favourite Chinese pop song, accompanied by music videos occasionally set in the Ming dynasty and frequently featuring people crying.
Chinese pop superstar and film director Wang Leehom was godfather at the christening of cruise ship Norwegian Joy in Shanghai this week.
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