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CHIRChiricahua National Monument (US National Park Service)
CHIRCommission of History of International Relations
CHIRCriminal History Information Record (Korea National Police)
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For five seasons she worked as a fire lookout in Saguaro National Park and Chiricahua National Monument. It was in these "sky islands" that she first learned to love the richness and diversity of southern Arizona.
VAST PILES OF MYSTERIOUS-looking, oversized rock formations await the hiker who reaches the place Chiricahua Apache Indians named "Land of Standing Up Rocks," a place that's better known today as Chiricahua National Monument.
"Last November, when we set out to do a mapping project on one of these sites in Chiricahua National Monument, we found several pieces of an 18th-century Spanish flintlock," says Bruce Huckell, associate professor of anthropology.
Heupel, a law-enforcement ranger from Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona, stepped into the chaos, looking for the worst cases.
Crews are also working to reduce fuel around historical buildings at Chiricahua National Monument - which is closed to the public until further notice - and private structures in the Whitetail Canyon area.
a balancing stone formation at Chiricahua National Monument A saguaro cactus, the state flower of Arizona, in the desert...
Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a ride to the Chiricahua National Monument - a geological formation borne out of a volcanic eruption 27 million years ago.