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CHITTACanadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association (Canada)
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Chitta DG Khan Mohammad Javed Akhtar as SDPO Taunsa DG Khan.
Punjab urial has a restricted distribution range and found only in the Salt and Kala Chitta Mountain Ranges and is confined by a coniferous forest belt in the north of Jhelum River and in the west of Indus River (Schaller and Mirza 1974, Schaller 1977).
The Kala Chitta and the Kawagarh hill range formed the left and right abutments of the proposed Main Dam while the Kawagarh and Kherimar ranges formed the left and right abutment of the proposed Saddle Dam, respectively.
Chitta Dey, AITUC, was caustic (Interview), "These owners do not have the capability to run tea gardens.
Feasibility Study and Design for Development of Surface Parking at Chitta More Murree (also for Parking Facilities at General Bus Stand, Lower Topa, Bansara Gali and IDMCI)Feasibility Study (PhaseI) (3rd Revised PCII) at the cost of Rs.
In Mansehra district, the alkali feldspar is economically quarried from acid minor bodies like pegmatites and veins at Atter Sheesha, Batrasi, Chitta Batta and Oghi.
First Floor, Satya Complex, Plot 2 & 3, Chitta Reddy Colony, Tarbund X Roads, Secunderabad - 500 009
The drama begins by introducing us to Tmbi (Zohaib Asghar), Chitta (Salman Ahmad Khan) and Khaldi (Pataras) who are just like any other twenty-somethings out there.
Gurgura or Gwargurah (Monotheca buxifolia): In Pakistan it is commonly found in Waziristan, Zhob, Gorakh Hills, Loralai, Kohat, Karak, Drosh Chitral, Attock District and Kala Chitta Hills.
During operation, the police have also arrested most wanted accused Hanif alias Chitta.
Yoga divides the functioning of the mind into four components: manas (the lower or sensory mind), buddhi (the inner witness), chitta (the bed of memory), and ahamkara (self-identity) (Archarya, n.
The men were identified as Zahid alias Chitta, Abdul Rehman alias Kashif, Rahimuddin alias Rahimoo, Abdul Rahim alias Dany and Haroon.