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ChoMoChild Molester (prison slang)
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The phonology seems to indicate a mainly Tuscan variety, such as the preservation of word-final "o," but it is peppered with northern occurrences of the conjunctions "chomo" and "si" for "se," the prefix re- and Latinizing elements such as h- and the combination -ti-.
Fuente: Chomo 2002, Banco Central de Chile, Banco Central de Mexico.
Gazing upon such an inspiring vision, it was easy to understand why the summit of Bhutan's sacred mountain Chomo Lhari, rising to twenty-four thousand feet, was considered an abode of the gods.
At his parents' home in Chomo, Gatanga Constituency, neighbours and relatives who on Wednesday came to console the family said it was impossible that Mr Kinuthia performed such a despicable act.
I just hope we shall get justice, the stressful father said.The victim hailed from Ndunyu Chege village while the suspect is from Chomo village, both in Gatanga Constituency.
making chomos in adjacent cells go crazy; he denies it