CHODChief of Defense
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The concept of the "War Chod Na Yr" is to let it go.
Aside from the presence of a redeemer figure, one remedy of the declining dharma by Machik Labdron is that it will be her practice, Chod that will act as a restorative force.
I WONDER how many carp the chod rig has caught now.
Serum triglyceride was determined with GPO/POD method (Fossati and Prencipe 1982) and serum cholesterol with the CHOD /POD method (Jung et al.
The serum samples were analysed for the estimation of TC by using CHOD - PAP method,12 TGs by GPO - PAP enzymatic colorimetric method13 and HDL by Lopes14 using commercialy available enzymatic kits.
The nomination of Simeonov for a three-year term as the new CHOD elicited groans throughout the international defense community in Sofia.
2 using the Chod - pap method (Zoppi and Fellini, 1976), HDL cholesterol by the dextran - sulphate Mg(II) method (Wieland and Siedel, 1981) and triacylglycerol by the glycerol phosphate oxidase method (Trinder,1969).
This is in great part due to the major upheavals that the country experienced following the assassinations of former President Vieira and CHOD Tagme na Waie.
He brought the lineage of Chod to Tibet, spread the Buddha's teachings in China, and the Tibetan tradition names him to be the Bodhidharma.
5 kU/L), CHOD (3 kU/L), peroxidase (20 kU/L), 4-aminoantipyrine (2.
Chod in the Ganden tradition; the oral instructions of Kyabje Zong Rinpoche.
Kyabje Zong Rinpoche's CHOD IN THE GANDEN TRADITION (1559392614, $18.