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The publisher has reason to be worried about the loss of its trademarked brand, considering nearly every mention of Bandersnatch in the media also either references Chooseco's popular book series or at least uses the descriptive phrase "choose your own adventure" to help people understand how the film works.
Chooseco, the company that owns the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' trademark, argues in a complaint filed in a Vermont federal court, that 'Bandersnatch' explicitly refers to the literary brand when a character describes the central book in the episode as a 'Choose Your Own Adventure book.'
Taking place in Brussels, this three-day cycling event (one day of riding) is the perfect chance to prove your prowess, sail to the top of the fundraising leaderboard and make a real difference to the lives of men with Or choose your own ADVENTURE...
It begins with the comedic "Write Your Own Christmas Adventure" in which a writer is in the process of creating a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, and the characters come to life.
Media & Entertainment--"Choose Your Own Adventure" will become the go-to approach
The story follows Cassidy, a half-assed Choose Your Own Adventure erotica novelist and part-time bartender; His wife, Phoenix, a copywriter for a PR company--biggest client: Rudy's Candy Tampons; and Aunika, Cassidy's childhood best friend, a remarkable blonde, legs like pure suck, a successful donut shop owner and the reason Cassidy and Phoenix may or may not divorce and may or may not end up owning their own donut shop, one that cranks out the finest whiskey-jelly filled bear claws--getting bombed on donuts is awesome, no doubt.
Her chapters are: this is not your parents' workforce, technological advances and the next chapter of industry, humans as prized commodities, evolving work structures, the mechanics of tomorrow's gig economy, choose your own adventure: career customization, the future of workplace culture and experience, good bye to the textbook CEO, and the organizational puzzle.
An anthology seeking funding on Kickstarter lets readers choose their characters and settings, updating the popular "Choose Your Own Adventure" concept.
He will be joined by fellow internet stars LordMinion777, Muyskerm, Tyler Scheid and CrankGameplays, although the audience will play an important part in the live show - driving the entire narrative using a combination of "choose your own adventure," improvisation games, and interactive challenges.
So applying innovation to the redesign, they came up with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" approach to PD.
This is exactly like the Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure books, arguably the manifestation of a text RPG in the form of a novel.
He has directed numerous programmes, including Zeroman and Hoze Houndz, and worked on many critically acclaimed programmes, including Choose Your Own Adventure, The Ron White Animated Show, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, and the Emmy Award-winning Tutenstein.