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CHORCenter for Health Outcomes Research (University of South Florida)
ChorChorasmian (linguistics)
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The choirs formed a strong bond and both sang at the wedding between CMCC member Tom Marlow and Stuttgart Chor Art member Amandine at their wedding in France in 2008.
As the barmaid rushed to a back office in the Bear's Paw pub, in Edge Hill, to call the police, Chor threw a plastic bar mat at her.
The chor kobiet ensemble was created by director Marta Gornicka in 2009, under the aegis of the Raszewski Institute.
The rest of this article is organized as follows: Section 2 introduces Chor, Peer, and FSP, respectively as our choreography, peer, and intermediate languages.
2005c), Ardea cocoi en CHOR (Molina-Martinez 2006), Syrigma sibilatrix en ELSA (Parra-Hernandez et al.
Lawrence Chor, of Taifook Research, said: "In line with our expectations, the company's top line rose 30% year-on-year (yoy) to US$3.
Lawrence Chor, an analyst with Taifook Research, reiterated advice investors to invest in the company.
In reaction, the treasury benches also started chanting "Chor Chor Bank Chor" and "Bank Chor Machaye Shor".
The most common barriers to vaccination were worries about side effects and doubts about effectiveness, lead authorsJosette Chor and Dr.
Yn camu i'r llwyfan heno bydd cor CF1 a Cordydd, ill dau o Gaerdydd, Tempus o Sir Benfro a Chor Eifionydd.
Tang Wee Sung, 56, received the organ from organised crime leader Tan Chor Jin, who was executed in Singapore on Friday for a 2006 murder.
Contributed by Alvina Chor, Masie Lee, and Amanda Lee