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XPSymbol or monogram for Christ or Christianity (from X and P, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ)
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Christus Health, an international Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit health system, is headquartered in the Dallas area and is comprised of more than 600 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities, 350 clinics and outpatient centers and dozens of other health ministries and ventures.
A trial court jury sided with Carswell, who says she was misled by Christus Health about the autopsy's independence and scope, and awarded her a rare $2 million fraud judgment against the health care provider.
Conference Focus: How CHRISTUS patients are identified for remote monitoring, along with details on patient training and engagement; features of the remote monitoring system used by CHRISTUS Health and how monitoring of patients remotely fits into the overall clinical workflow; the impact remote patient monitoring has had on CHRISTUS Health's readmission rates, inpatient admissions, emergency department utilization and cost of care; and how to address the key challenges of remote patient monitoring, including having a meaningful organizational impact, connectivity, equipment failure, training, and clinical resource management.
He quotes the German composer Cyrill Kistler (1848-1907) as saying that unlike the Christ of Draeseke's work, which transcended the boundaries of any particular confession, Liszt's Christus seemed too Catholic, Kiel's too Protestant, and that of Rubinstein bore an "unmistakably Hebraic stamp" (pp.
Instead, a doctor on his rounds at the hospital group's 3-year-old Christus Muguerza Sur in the northern industrial city of Monterrey can bump into a colleague dressed as a clown, instead of medical gowns, in an effort to cheer up children.
Sy voel dat vroue moontlik selfs 'n sterker band met Christus gehad het as mans, soos blyk uit die onlangs ontdekte Evangelie van Maria, waar Maria Magdalena uitgebeeld word as die geliefde dissipel van Jesus en wat later sy apostel geword het.
The Christus Health Living Spa--a Murad Inclusive Health Center was slated to open March 4 at the Christus Hospital--St.
WORCESTER Kathleen Ann McKeon, 55, of Worcester, Massachusetts and recently of Beaumont, Texas died Thursday, January 31, 2008 at Christus Hospital St.
There are Roman records that a man - Christus - was known to them.
THE Sirenian Singers' new Christmas CD, Christus Natus has just gone on sale.