CILAChartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
CILAComision Internacional de Limites y Aguas (Spanish: International Boundary and Water Commission; Mexico and US)
CILACommunity Integrated Living Arrangement
CILACork International Language Academy (Ireland)
CILAChiyoda International Language Academy (Japan)
CILACanadian Institute for Legislative Action
CILACommunity Internships in Latin America
CILACanadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association
CILACenter of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College
CILAChildren's International Language Academy (New Rochelle, NY)
CILACebu International Language Academy (Phillipines)
CILAChester International Links Association (Chester, England)
CILAConstruction Industries Licensing Act of 1978 (New Mexico)
CILACentral Iowa Lacrosse Association (Des Moines, IA)
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Meanwhile, MACCII and CILA highlighted Laus's accomplishment of setting standards of corporate social responsibility through his exemplary civic advocacies that benefitted the business community; for fostering and enabling a business climate for foreign and local investments that harnessed Clark Freeport's economic potential; and for demonstrating values that will forever inspire the community.
(17) Se constatan los siguientes miliarios en la Betica en 213/214: CILA, Se 691 (Astigi), CIL II, 5066 = CIL II2/7, 53 (Cantigi), CIL II, 4727 (?Corduba?), CIL II, 4728ab, CIL II, 4726, 4729 y 4730 (Corduba), CIL II, 4699 (Epora) y CIL II, 4690 y 4689 (Malaca).
Members of Chester for Europe and CILA provided a tour of the sights including the famous walls and Roman remains as the visitors took a lively interest in features such as the Albion Pub, the Roodee and Chester Castle.
|Failure to include wages in the gross profit calculation - In the CILA survey, two out of five respondents listed inconsistent definitions of gross profit as the primary cause of BI underinsurance.
The working draft of TRAIN 2 was presented to Cila last week by the Department of Trade and Industry but it made no reference to the 5-percent gross income earned (GIE) that the Clark economic zone collects from businesses in lieu of taxes, Cila president Francisco Villanueva told the Capampangan in Media forum on Friday.
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(5.) Asma A, Anouk H, Luc VH, Brokx JPL, Cila U, Van De Heyning P.
The culmination of this growing public concern and watershed conservation work is seen in the signing of Minute 320 by the Comision International de Limites y Aguas (cila, for its acronym in Spanish) and its North American counterpart, the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), a framework agreement that ensures greater focus on a wide range of problems associated with the degree of urbanization of the watershed.
Tabla 1: Altares cilindricos en Hispania: ejemplares seguros Referencia Procedencia Teonimo CIL II (2)/7, 196 Sacili Gen(io) m(unicipum) CIL II, 951 Ilipula Aug(usto) Laribus CIL II (2/)7, 938 Iulipa Aug(ustis) donum CILA 1, 70 Trigueros Aug(usto) HEp9, 483 Badaran Matribus Apellares HEp 15, 476 Bracara sacrum Augusta Aug(usto) pont(ifici) ILER 1028 Bracara max(imo) Augusta trib(unicia) pot(estate) XXI sacrum HEp 5, 588 Carthago Sa[r]api Noua ILER 930 Aeminium Tabudico Referencia Promotor Cronologia CIL II (2)/7, 196 m(unicipium) Desconocida M(artiale) CIL II, 951 Sempronia Augustea Anull[ina] L(ucius) Cornelius Mediados del CIL II (2)/7, 938 Firmillus s.
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(b.) Psychologue, Psychanalyste, President du College International de l'Adolescence (CILA), Pr de Psychologie clinique et Psychopathologie, Unite Transversale de Recherches: Psychogenese et Psychopathologie (UTRPP), Universite Paris 13, Villetaneuse, Sorbonne Paris Cite.