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CO5Circle of Five (gaming, Dark Age of Camelot)
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I only know two English neighbourhoods thoroughly, and in each, within a circle of five miles, there is enough of interest and beauty to last any reasonable man his life.
This collusion occurred in the framework of the car manufacturers' so-called "circle of five" technical meetings.
It is strange to many why PDP/Atiku are not making hay with the internal crisis whacking APC whereas APC made bountiful harvest this time last election circle of five PDP governors.
The Commission, which acts as the EU's antitrust watchdog, said it had received information that the five German automakers -- the so-called "Circle of Five" -- had held meetings to discuss limiting car exhaust emissions at the testing stages.
BMW AG et al., filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that self-named FUnfer-Kreise (Circle of Five), Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and BMW, have engaged in a 20-year cartel to suppress the development of technology in their automobiles from 1996 until at least 2015, as admitted by Daimler and VW to European regulators.
Authors Larrie Ferreiro and Franois Furstenberg will discuss French involvement in the Revolutionary War and early America, sharing how the Revolutions success depended on the assistance provided by France and Spain and information on the nations formative years, with special attention to a distinguished circle of five Frenchmen taking refuge in America.
A mutilated body lies in the middle of a Neolithic circle of five stones, an etched pebble in the victim's mouth, a signature of evil that leaves an undecipherable clue.
"TV-Montparnasse"--the major piece in the show--consists of an intimate circle of five monitors (not flat screens) upon which we view five separate angles of a nude female body, each angle shot in still sequence.
I'm very closed-off with my friends and I like my tight circle of five. We literally go out to eat and stay into watch TV, have a drink and play Scrabble."
Outside of the grand brick fortresses of higher education, lying somewhere in the hundreds of acres of woodland, is an untreated wooden circle of five feet, roofed with an open back, supported by a tree at its center, and called the Acre--although some students call it a "hobbit house" due to its quaint nature.
In the middle of the gallery space, six grey pieces are lying on the floor in a circle of five with one in the middle: Collected Abandoned Vessel I to VI.
The piece was dedicated to Mussorgsky and Alexander Borodin, two of the legendary Mighty Handful, a circle of five Russian composers.