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CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CISCCanadian Institute of Steel Construction
CISCCisco Certification
CISCCircuit Switch
CISCCriminal Intelligence Service Canada
CISCClean Intermittent Self-Catheterization (urology)
CISCCommonwealth Information Security Center (Virginia)
CISCCRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)
CISCCenter for Forskning I Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund (Denmark)
CISCCity University of New York Institute for Sustainable Cities (New York, NY)
CISCCentral Instructional Support Center
CISCCriminal Investigation Service Command
CISCConstruction Industry Stabilization Committee (now defunct)
CISCCongress of the International Society of Citriculture
CISCConfiguration Interaction with Size-Consistency
CISCCreative Integrated Solutions Consortium
CISCClare Immigrant Support Centre (Ireland)
CISCComputer & Information Sciences Course (academia)
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Circuit switches establish, maintain and tear down an actual physical circuit for each voice call.
Calient's LightConnect Fabric Manager allows data center operators to reconfigure the optical layer of their data centers by managing and orchestrating pure-optical connections in a fabric consisting of multiple S-Series Optical Circuit Switches.
McDowell: At its core, the debate pertains to what rules should or should not apply as networks transition from traditional circuit switched networks to all IP networks.
However, significant differences exist between a GSM voice system that is circuit switched and a GPRS or EDGE system that is packet routed.
In order to prepare for this change, telecommunications networks should upgrade their circuit switches to packet switches, which can more effectively handle high-speed data, Technology Futures advises.
An IP telephony network is inherently more efficient than a circuit switched telephony network and improves capacity while lowering costs.
Orange is using a technology called high-speed circuit switched data (HSCSD) rather than the general radio service (GPRS) system favoured by the UK's other operators.
Other features include support for both circuit switched interfaces such as TDM and IP network interfaces, 99.999% or better availability and a small footprint.
This will include the new Nokia UltraSite - a multimedia-ready base station supporting high speed circuit switched data (HSCSD), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) and Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) services.
Regular phone calls may travel through several circuit switches, while Internet calls need to travel through the gateway only twice: once to turn it to digital form and once to change it back.
A notable feature of this service is that the mobile can send and receive short messages while it is engaged in a circuit switched (telephony or data) call.
1 for mobile voice telephony for the second time in a row with the legacy circuit switched voice service, according to the most recent mobile benchmark test by independent magazine Connect.
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