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CBVConfederação Brasileira de Voleibol (Portuguese: Brazilian Volleyball Confederation)
CBVCerebral Blood Volume
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CBVClass-Based View (Django)
CBVCanasta Básica Vital (Spanish: Vital Edge Pack; Guatemala)
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CBVCalibrated Balancing Valve (HVAC device)
CBVCoups et Blessures Volontaires (French: Malicious Wounding)
CBVCoban, Guatemala (Airport code)
CBVConseil des Bourses de Valeurs (French: Board of Stock Exchanges)
CBVCirculating Blood Volume
CBVCentre de Beauté Vénus (French: Venus Beauty Center; Sainte-Terre, France)
CBVCompressor Bypass Valve
CBVCandles by Victoria (Van, TX)
CBVCuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios (Guatemalan Fire Department)
CBVCombat Breacher Vehicle
CBVCompagnie Belge de Ventilateurs (French: Belgian Fan Company; Belgium)
CBVCabin Bleed Valve
CBVClub Badminton Vienne (French: Vienne Badminton Club; Vienne, France)
CBVCounterbalance-Valve (load control valve)
CBVContainment Building Ventilation
CBVClub de Badminton Villeneuvois (French: Villeneuvois Badminton Club; Villeneuve- Tolosane, France)
CBVCuerpo Bomberos Valparaíso (Spanish; Valparaiso Fire Corps; Valparaíso, Chile)
CBVCommerce Bretagne Veaux (French: Brittany Calf Trade; Plouigneau, France)
CBVClub de Badminton de Verberie (French: Verberie Badminton Club; Verberie, France)
CBVCycle-Based Verification
CBVCerebellum Vermis
CBVClub Bouliste de Villefranche (French: Villefranche Bowling Club; Villefranche-sur- Saône, France)
CBVCentre de Basse Vision (French: Low Vision Center)
CBVConcept Burning Volt (online forum)
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A non-pregnant woman's circulating blood volume can be calculated as half of [height (inches) x50] + [weight (pounds) x25] and pregnant blood volume increase varies from 30-60% of calculated non-pregnant volume (Cunningham & Williams, 2001).
Due to the forthcoming hemorrhagic shock, a circulating blood volume of all the patients was compensated by certain chemo products in a relatively short period of time (3-4 hours).
Best management requires aggressive treatment with crystalloid fluids, synthetic and natural colloids for correction of fluid and electrolytes disturbances, combination antibiotic, antiemetics, analgesics, antacids, systemic coagulant and fluid therapy to treat dehydration, reestablish effective circulating blood volume, as well as correct electrolyte and acid-base disturbances.
Measurement of the circulating blood volume and plasma volume
The primary mode of treatment is to replace fluids as a means of increasing the circulating blood volume. While fluid replacement can have favourable short-term results in correcting the hypotension and relieving the symptoms, the long-term effects can cause more serious complications such as cardiac or cerebral ischaemia.
He said: "There is significant bleeding here: 49mililitres, which is 18% of a newborn baby's circulating blood volume. That bleeding is consistent with a traumatic delivery."
Other normal physiologic changes in pregnancy that increase the risk of thromboembolic events in patients with mitral or aortic valve prostheses include a nearly 50% increase in circulating blood volume, accompanied by a 30% rise in cardiac output and a 10-20 beat-per-minute increase in resting heart rate.
A new optical technique for monitoring hematocrit and circulating blood volume: Its application in renal dialysis.
Abstract: Unnecessary blood work in critically ill patients can potentially reduce hemoglobin and circulating blood volume, causing blood replacement and increased care costs.
Daily allowances for men are currently at the 90 mg level, but the scientists suggest that the recommendation should be increased for men because they have higher average body weight, muscle mass, and circulating blood volume. If you live in an urban area (with highly polluted air), take medications, smoke (heaven forbid), or exercise intensely, you may need even higher amounts of the antioxidant vitamin C.
Dr Shirreffs explains: "Blood is mostly water, so losing fluid results in a lower circulating blood volume."