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CZACentral Zoo Authority (India)
CZAChichen Itza, Mexico (airport code)
CZACentral Zionist Archives (Jerusalem, Israel)
CZACircumzenithal Arc (rainbow)
CZACino Zucchi Architetti (Italian: Cino Zucchi Architecture; Milan, Italy)
CZAChinese Zeolite Association
CZACertified Zoning Administrator (certification)
CZACourse Zero Automation (Boston, MA Inertial Navigation Units)
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The circumzenithal arc was photographed by Mick Gregory who saw it while he celebrated his birthday with family at his Sutton home.
The upside down rainbow is known as a circumzenithal arc, or Bravais' arc.
The phenomenon, called a circumzenithal arc, is rarely seen outside polar regions and hardly ever spotted in the UK.
This is the circumzenithal arc, so named because the zenith would be at its center if it formed a complete circle.
Captured in the lower right image below is a richly colored segment of the circumzenithal arc, which forms about 46[degrees] from the Sun.
7 Where did freak atmospheric conditions cause an upside-down rainbow - or circumzenithal arc to appear?
The phenomenon, called a circumzenithal arc, is rarely seen outside the polar regions and is hardly ever spotted in Europe.
He was witnessing a circumzenithal arc, a beautiful and rare atmospheric phenomenon.
There was the rainbow's most famous imitator, the circumzenithal arc. And what else was in the thin clouds?
For example, if you see a sundog or a circumzenithal arc, you'll know that the cloud has plate crystals aligned with their large hexagonal faces almost horizontally.