CIRISCompletely Integrated Reference Instrumentation System
CIRISCalifornia Inter-Regional Intermodal System (transportation)
CIRISCritical Infrastructure Response Information System (New York)
CIRISConsolidated Intelligence Resources Information System (US CIA)
CIRISCentral Inertial Reference Instrumentation System
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CIRIs commitment speaks to the potential of a commercial-sized oil or gas find in the Nenana basin and their confidence in our efforts so far.
CIRI, headquartered in Anchorage and Southcentral Alaskas largest private landowner, has been active in the oil and gas activities in the Cook Inlet basin for more than 40 years as a lessor, royalty owner, and, at times, a working interest owner, co-venturer and explorer.
Jenkins will oversee the operations of Ciris Energy in leveraging efficient technology to become a leading large-scale producer of natural gas.
Ciris Energy uses scientific innovation to effectively harvest untapped energy resources that traditional methods leave behind.
Ball Aerospace principal investigator for CIRiS David Osterman stated the on-orbit phase of the project will validate data processing algorithms and calibration, and also verify radiometric performance.
Jerry Clark, CEO of Ciris Energy, commented, "Khosla Ventures is one of the leading investors in emerging energy technologies, and we are pleased they could lead our Series B and join our existing investors.
Ciris Energy is developing its proprietary technology to biologically convert coal to methane in large-scale quantities at low cost.
GE is an ideal partner to assist Ciris in the successful commercialization of its technology.
The contract with Ciris is for 12 months, during which time Ciris will be paid a monthly retainer of $6,000.
Ciris has a 15-year history of helping companies in many industry sectors to achieve their communications targets.
Our engagement of Ciris reflects our readiness to target a more diverse group of shareholders, as well as to build our profile in the national financial and media communities.
Don Iwacha Daniel Mothersill President Managing Director Light Management Group Ciris International 800-465-9216 416-368-8770 diwacha@lmgr.