CISAMCompressed Index Sequential Access Method
CISAMCentro Interforze Studi Applicazioni Militari (Italian: Center for Military Applications Studies)
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CISAM operates an asset management business, which manages client funds under fixed fee arrangements.
Escobio continued, "STS and its subsidiaries, CIS and CISAM, have in place the management, customers, assets and revenues which provide the solid platform from which we will grow.
Global 2000 customers are now able to integrate their Versata-based eBusiness applications with legacy data sources, such as ADABAS, Btrieve, CISAM, Text Files, DISAM, ENSCRIBE, Flat Files, IMS, Ingres, MUMPS, OLE DB, RdbSQL, Red Brick Warehouse, SQL/MP, RMS and VSAM.
ISG Navigator currently provides efficient OLE DB access for RMS, CISAM, Adabas, and MUMPS.