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CJCriminal Justice
CJCivilian Jeep (first civilian models of the post WWII Willys Jeep)
CJCommission Junction (website)
CJChief Justice
CJCayman Islands
CJCarl Johnson (gaming character, GTA: San Andreas)
CJCobra Jet (Ford engine)
CJComputer Journal
CJCounty Jail
CJCongressional Justification
CJCity Journal (Simcity 4)
CJCalvin Johnson
CJCourt of Justice
CJCitizen Journalist
CJCombined Joint (US DoD)
CJConcord Jazz (record label; Concord Music Group)
CJCave Johnson (gaming character)
CJCave Junction (Oregon)
CJCranberry Juice
CJClaim Jumper (Restaurant Chain)
CJChipper Jones (baseball player)
CJConsumption Junction
CJChaminade-Julienne (school in Dayton, OH)
CJCarl's Junior (fast food chain)
CJClassical Journal (American journal on classical history)
CJChris Jericho (wrestler)
CJCouncil Jurisdiction (UK)
CJCommodity Jurisdiction (State Department)
CJContact Juggling
CJCold Junction (thermocouple circuitry)
CJCompany Jerk
CJChairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCodejunkies (action replay website)
CJChristopher Judge (actor)
CJCasino Journal
CJCaptain Janeway (Star Trek character)
CJCable Jack
CJCircle Jump (gaming)
CJCyber Jockey (maniaTV)
CJCastlevania Judgment (video game)
CJCentijoule (energy unit)
CJCrane, Jib
CJJosephite Fathers (religious order)
CJCompression Joint
CJCaffeine Junkie
CJContractjack (PC video game)
CJCanadian Judgements
CJCompass Jade
CJCapital Justification
CJCumulative Jitter
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'The space that trained and professional journalists used to occupy is now being shared with the bloggers and citizen Journalists, therefore, Journalists would only remain relevant if they are able to analyse the news that these bloggers and citizen journalists make,' he said at a Conference of the State of Investigative Journalism in West Africa held in Accra recently.
Only a few scholars have examined how citizen journalists and bloggers establish their identity and value systems, which in turn lead to differentiated and separate journalistic roles and ideological stances as compared to professional news producers in a local community (e.g., Robinson & Deshano, 2011a, 2011b).
Performance expectancy positively affect the intention to use citizen journalist websites.
At least four other citizen journalists were killed in April this year, the Paris-based watchdog said.
MTV liked what it saw and officials with the pop culture juggernaut deputized him as one of 51 citizen journalists. Herrera, 39, has been posting video blogs on MTV's Choose or Lose Web site since January.
However, reading that daily newspapers are grasping with the ground rules in this endeavor serves as a valuable reminder to trade publications that they need to encourage their "citizen journalists" to stay involved.
Citizen journalist Steve Letoo was admitted at a Nairobi hospital with injuries this morning and discharged later.
Be a citizen journalist Have you seen something that needs to be reported?
Twitter is meant to be an outlet for free expression, and in no way should people be limited in what they post, but when they establish themselves as a reliable source of news, leaning one way or another is violating the silent agreement between citizen journalist and the media consumer.
Every four days in 2012 a journalist, an intellectual, an artist, or a citizen journalist was killed.
One "citizen journalist" told Asia Press that a man in his village killed his children for food and offered the meat to his wife when she came back from a trip.
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