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Citizen of the Planet (COTP) is a global corporate initiative, implemented in 2008, aimed at ensuring that Teleperformance operates in an environmentally-friendly and responsible manner; entrusting employees with the responsibility to protect the environment.
Most of the time though, traveling alone afforded me moments to make quiet, unhurried personal observations and to engage in intellectually honest reflections about our changing world while on the move -- as an engineer, a professor, and a fellow citizen of the planet.
From its pretentious title to the long-winded lyrics, the tabla-tinged opener, "Citizen of the Planet," is so bad, Morissette should lose her Earth visa privileges for good.
The folk rockers, who are touring the UK this summer, have dusted off an old protest number Citizen of the Planet.
The duo, who are touring the UK this summer, dusted off a rare protest song called Citizen Of The Planet.
He added: 'What I can do as an actor is basically speak as a citizen of the planet but because I am an actor and because of the celebritydom, you (the media) are willing to speak with me.'
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