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CNICCitizens' Nuclear Information Center
CNICComputer Network Information Center (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
CNICComputerized National Identity Card (Pakistan)
CNICCommander, Naval Installation Command
CNICCongress of Italian Canadians
CNICCoast National Insurance Company (California)
CNICComputational Neurobiology and Imaging Center (New York)
CNICConference on Neural Interface and Control
CNICCentro Nacional de Ivestigaciones Cientificas (Cuba)
CNICCommander, Naval Intelligence Command
CNICCommander, Naval Intelligence Center
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In Tokyo, the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, an antinuclear power group, demanded that the Japanese government immediately halt the operation of the reactor and withdraw from the development of fast-breeder reactors.
17 report that damage to the nuclear power station sustained in the July 16 quake ''appears to be limited and less than expected,'' the three groups -- Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Green Action and Greenpeace Japan -- called it ''misleading'' in their statement.
If implemented, a huge sum of money will be handed out (to local governments) without them doing anything,'' said Baku Nishio, a joint chief of the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center.
The groups, including the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center in Tokyo, claimed nuclear power plants across Japan do not meet the standards of earthquake resistance and said they worry the facilities may not be able to withstand earthquakes.
In Tokyo, the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, an antinuclear group, said, ''While the world's attention is diverted by the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea, Japan has strengthened its position among countries which wish to develop weapons-usable technologies.
Hideyuki Ban, head of Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, said, ''The pluthermal plan has the risk of causing a major uncontrollable disaster when an accident occurs because it uses fuel containing a large amount of plutonium.
Masako Sawai of Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, who listened to the commission's deliberations, said, ''It is wrong to call 'appropriate' a plan that cannot identify power plants (for burning plutonium).
Antinuclear activists blasted the Supreme Court ruling, with the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center saying in a statement, ''The Supreme Court failed to address the basic safety issues and simply rejected the citizens' argument on a technicality.
Other antinuclear groups, such as Greenpeace Japan and the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, joined in urging Hiranuma and the Nuclear Safety Commission to scrap the Monju reactor and improve the government's safety-assessment system for nuclear plant design.
Takagi, who came from Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, campaigned for antinuclear causes and was co-founder and director of the nonprofit antinuclear Citizens' Nuclear Information Center.
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