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CNBCommonwealth National Bank (Alabama)
CNBCeska Narodni Banka (Czech: Czech National Bank)
CNBCzech National Bank
CNBCentro Nacional de Biotecnologia (Spanish: Center for Biotechnology; Madrid, Spain)
CNBCity National Bank
CNBCitizens National Bank
CNBCurrículo Nacional Base (Spanish: Base National Curriculum; Guatemala)
CNBConstruction Navale Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux Shipbuilding; Bordeaux, France)
CNBClub National des Bécassiers (French: National Woodcock Club)
CNBConseil National du Bruit (French: National Council of Noise)
CNBCroatian National Bank
CNBCommission Nationale des Bourses (French: National Commission for Scholarships)
CNBCercle des Naturalistes de Belgique (French: Belgium Naturalists Circle; Belgium)
CNBCorresponsales No Bancarios (Spanish, Colombia)
CNBCentre Nautique de Bourgogne (French sailing center)
CNBCountry Natural Beef
CNBCayman National Bank
CNBClub Nautique de Bouchemaine (French water sports club)
CNBClub Naturiste de Besançon (French: Besançon Naturist Club; Besançon, France)
CNBCercle Nautique des Bordes (French diving club)
CNBComité National de Biophysique (French: National Committee for Biophysics)
CNBCumulonimbus (clouds)
CNBCity News Bureau (Chicago, Illinois)
CNBCentral Narcotics Bureau, Singapore
CNBColégio Notarial do Brasil - Conselho Federal (Brazil)
CNBCentral Neuraxial Blockade (anesthesia)
CNBCentre National des Biologistes
CNBChevron Notch Beam
CNBCode Name Base
CNBChemical, Nuclear, Biological (weapons)
CNBCore Network Bicasting
CNBCarrier Network Business (3Com)
CNBCharmaine Neville Band (New Orleans, LA)
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Structured around key periods in his journalism career, Copeland's book covers a few experiences in depth, beginning with his first days as a breaking-news reporter with City News Bureau in Chicago.
After dropping out of law school, he kicked around at some inconsequential jobs before landing at the rough-and-tumble City News Bureau of Chicago as a copy boy and then a field reporter, and his rapport with the black community in the heavily segregated, openly racist city gave him his first taste of the importance of finding and respecting sources.
I acquired a wariness that I wore like a second skin, baptized into a fraternity defined by the motto of the old City News Bureau of Chicago: If your mother says she loves you, check it out.
Nordgren started her career with the City News Bureau of Chicago in 1981 and was a reporter with United Press International from 1983-1985.
Garnett eventually recovered from the attack and moved on to the City News Bureau of Chicago.
Arnold Dornfeld, night news editor of Chicago's now defunct City News Bureau that inspired The Front Page, left his mark on reporters passing through.
Fitzgerald wrote on our blog,, using the adage of Chicago's City News Bureau: "If your mother says she loves you, check it out."
In 1971, he first began working as a journalist with the City News Bureau in Chicago--where he said he made his bones the first time by arriving to get a reaction quote from the family of a shooting victim only to realize he'd gotten there before the police.
Born in Chicago, Barton was a reporter at the City News Bureau and then headed the Chicago News Room of the CBS News Bureau.
His first job out of college was as a police reporter for the City News Bureau in Chicago.
City News Bureau of Chicago was known as the Devil's Island of journalism.
The City News Bureau of Chicago, which expired March 1 awash in nostalgia, was legendary for its hard-nosed approach, epitomized by the saying: "If your mother says she loves you, check it out." But there was another, less admirable and more common phrase used 40 years ago that does not reflect as well on the training ground for so many Chicago journalists: "Cheap it out."