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The runway-derived product has proven ideal for the civil engineering application, and RMC and the federal government were able to negotiate a contract that provides a profit margin for the company.
The technology has other civil engineering applications beyond crash scene mapping and can be used to estimate the volume of material needed or used for a construction project within a couple of percentage points.
The company's products include a comprehensive portfolio of roofing and waterproofing solutions for residential and commercial properties as well as for civil engineering applications. The full GAF portfolio of solutions is supported by an extensive national network of factory- certified contractors.
The product portfolio includes complete waterproofing systems for roofs, buildings and civil engineering applications. In the past business year, the company with its 85-strong staff recorded sales of CHF 50 million.
This service is specifically developed for mining and civil engineering applications. Stack Insight eliminates much of the cost and all the risk associated with on-site surveying.
It is ideal for construction and civil engineering applications, such as internal support structures for rainwater drainage tanks.
The selections that make up the main body of the text are organized in seven chapters, covering materials and technologies in civil and building engineering, structural mechanics and analysis, applied mechanics, constructions, and civil engineering applications, geotechnologies and geology, tunneling and subways, and seismology, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The civil engineering applications significantly drive the market with the usage of LiDAR in infrastructure planning.
These woven geotextiles are used for separation and stabilization of pavements and unpaved roads, erosion control, reinforcement of earthen structures and for separation and support in other civil engineering applications.
It operates across five sites and manufactures a range of clay, plastic and concrete products for construction, building and civil engineering applications.
They cover biomaterials, ceramic and glass materials, coatings and surface functionalization, composite and hybrid materials, materials for civil engineering applications, materials and process modeling, materials for sustainable development, metals and alloys, nanostructured and microstructured materials, and polymers.
The fund also provides grants to assist in financing scrap tire programs and projects including partial payment for purchase of tire-derived products crumb rubber; collection site cleanups for political subdivisions, such as scrap tire amnesty day cleanups; capital and start-up costs for processing, manufacturing, collecting, and transporting waste tires and tire material; and cost-sharing for manufacturing, processing and civil engineering applications.
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