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CHRFCanadian Human Rights Foundation
CHRFChildren's Hunger Relief Fund
CHRFCivil Human Rights Front (Hong Kong)
CHRFCollaboration for Healthcare Renewal Foundation
CHRFChronic Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure
CHRFCommonwealth Human Rights Forum
CHRFChild Health Research Foundation (New Zealand)
CHRFchronic renal failure
CHRFCadillac Hot Rod Fabricators
CHRFCongressional Human Rights Foundation (Washington, DC)
CHRFCruising Handicap Racing Fleet
CHRFClub Handicap Racing Fleet (yachting)
CHRFCommonwealth Hansard Reporters Forum (Australia)
CHRFCanadian Housing Research Foundation
CHRFChin Human Rights Foundation
CHRFContrarian High-Risk Fund
CHRFCanadian Hair Research Foundation
CHRFCollaboration for Healthcare Renewal Fund
CHRFChild Health Research Fund
CHRFChesapeake Human Resources Foundation
CHRFCommittee on Human Resources and Facilities
CHRFClitherow House Refurbishment Fund (UK)
CHRFCentral Hardwoods Region Forest
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In response to the procession by the Civil Human Rights Front today (August 21), a government spokesman said that the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC), the Registration and Electoral Office, Returning Officers (ROs) and all officers responsible for electoral affairs had been handling matters relating to the Legislative Council Election in strict accordance with the Basic Law, the relevant legislation, as well as the principle of impartiality with a view to ensuring that the election would be held in an open, fair and honest manner.
This year's slogan is "Defending Hong Kong Authority: No fear of Beijing's threat of comprehensive control," according to its main organiser, the Civil Human Rights Front.
The main goal of the rally is to push through for genuine democracy and to ask for Leung Chun-ying to step down," Jackie Hung of the Civil Human Rights Front, which is organizing the march, told AFP.
Hong Kong people have been waiting too long for universal suffrage and for building a democratic city," said Andrew Shum of organisers the Civil Human Rights Front.
Some officials have already resigned because of scandals and Leung did not fulfil the promise of improving livelihoods of Hong Kong people," said Wong Ho-yin, spokesman of the Civil Human Rights Front.
The marchers called for improvement of livelihood of the underprivileged people, the organizer Civil Human Rights Front said.
Civil Human Rights Front spokeswoman Joe said the higher turnout reflects the public's desire for a timetable for achieving universal suffrage, which Beijing has already ruled out for the March 2007 chief executive election and the 2008 legislative election.
Jackie Hung Ling-yu, spokeswoman for Civil Human Rights Front, said that the aim of the protest was to call for "a return of power to the people.
While the demand for universal suffrage in the territory has remained as a theme, this year gay and lesbian groups lead the procession to underline that Hong Kong needs a political system that respects the rights of all citizens, according to the organizer, the Civil Human Rights Front.
Civil Human Rights Front, the rally organizer, said 530,000 people took part, far exceeding the original estimate of 300,000.
We are enraged and dissatisfied with Tung in the process of submitting his report to the National People's Congress (standing committee),'' said Rose Wu, a spokeswoman for the Civil Human Rights Front, an alliance of more than 40 local groups advocating direct elections of the chief executive in 2007 and the legislature in 2008.
The Civil Human Rights Front, which organized the 500,000-strong march last July 1, is demanding direct elections of the city's chief executive in 2007 and of the whole legislature in 2008.
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