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CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
CRAFComet Rendezvous & Asteroid Flyby
CRAFCommittee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
CRAFCertified Round Assembly Facility
CRAFCalgary Regional Arts Foundation (Canada)
CRAFCalifornia Research Assistance Fund (California insurance department)
CRAFCommunity Recreation, Activities and Fitness Center (Roscommon, MI)
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12) HQ AMC/A3B, Air Mobility Command Instruction 10-402, Civil Reserve Air Fleet (Scott Air Force Base, IL: HQ AMC, 2004), 2.
The Civil Reserve Air Fleet is both a "program" and a "contract.
General Accounting Office, Military airlift: Observations on the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program, GAO/NSIAD-96-125, March 1996; Congressional Budget Office, Moving U.
As part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), the primary US carriers have pledged aircraft to the Air Force for use when necessary.
Besides our military airlift assets, the US commercial air carriers provide a unique and critical enabler that helps us meet our mobility requirements in the form of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF).
Most US carriers are part of the US Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), a resource used by the US Department of Defense when it does not have enough capacity among the military fleet to meet its airlift requirements.
But the most compelling aspect of commercial C-17s is that the aircraft would still be available to meet our total mobility requirement as part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF).
The service will be suspended for the month of May 2003 as the airline has two aircraft committed to use by the Civil Reserve Air Fleet during the war in Iraq.
5 are supplied by commercial air freighters under the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program.
And for the first time, the Civil Reserve Air Fleet was activated, nearly doubling U.
Requesting airlift certification for reportable items of equipment that need certification for transport aboard C-130, C-141, C-5, C-17, KC-135, or Civil Reserve Air Fleet aircraft.
To supplement Air Force lift capability, the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) was created in 1951, whereby civilian air carrier aircraft were identified by registration number and allocated for national defense at three levels of need.