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Large number of civilian applications benefits from GPS signals.
Civilian application: Since space and missile operations have a wide application, civilian applications are equally broad.
'There is a huge growth forecast for the civilian application of UAVs but the stumbling block at the moment is the difficulty of testing them,' she said.
Civilian Application: Since an enlisted aide can perform many duties, the civilian applications are broad.
Civilian application: There are civilian government workers who are trained astronauts.
Frequently, by definition, the military technology is specifically developed or engineered with little regard to the challenges of civilian application. In some cases facing the DTE, the innovations with the best chance of commercial success either were naturally part of existing commercial arrangements or had been folded into them before DTE materialized.
Civilian application: Air frame and power plant maintenance trainer.
GNSS from other nations are under development, with ongoing international efforts to ensure these systems are interoperable and fully available for civilian applications.
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