CK2Crusader Kings 2 (gaming)
CK2Casein Kinase 2
CK2Corrie Keith Duo (band)
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Results: An expressively strong and affirmative correlation was found among expression of total CK2 and total Survivin in invasive along with non-invasive cases of both prostate and breast cancers.
Mussel meal, WW, and CK2 were then ground in a mortar for further processing.
Regan, "Hemoglobin neurotoxicity is attenuated by inhibitors of the protein kinase CK2 independent of heme oxygenase activity," Current Neurovascular Research, vol.
3] % % % 1 2 3 4 5 CK0 1727 14,2 34,8 24,5 CK1 1684 18,5 36,5 31,1 CK2 1701 17,7 35,8 30,2 CK3 1672 18,5 36,9 30,9 CK4 1673 18,6 36,9 31,2 CK5 1672 18,7 36,9 31,3 CK6 1673 18,3 36,9 30,6 Poringumo Sudeties [P.
Taxa quantification was undertaken using an inverted Olympus[R] CK2 microscope and sedimentation chambers, following the method proposed by Utermohl (1958) with random fields (BICUDO, 1990).
Phosphorylation by protein kinase CK2 changes the DNA binding properties of the human chromatin protein DEK.
Topics include: structural basics of protein kinase CK2 function and inhibition, CK2 in embryonic development, CK2 as a global regulator of cell survival, special features, and the role of CK2 in the control of cell plasticity in breast carcinoma progression.
Motility observation was carried out under a pre-focused inverted microscope (400X, Olympus CK2, Tokyo, Japan) at 10[deg]C.
Molecular mechanism of human Nrf2 activation and degradation: role of sequential phosphorylation by protein kinase CK2.
The switch, known as CK2, sees a protein open a transporter, called ZIP7, and allows the zinc to flow.
Las imagenes que aparecen en la figura 2 se tomaron en un microscopio invertido Zeiss utilizando una camara fotografica digital Panasonic, y las de la figura 4 se obtuvieron con un microscopio Olympus CK2 (Japon), mediante una camara digital integrada CCD-Pro-series y el procesador de imagenes Image-Pro-express.