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CLAGConference of Latin Americanist Geographers
CLAGCryptocurrency Legal Advocacy Group (bitcoins)
CLAGCytoadherence Linked Asexual Gene
CLAGCritical Loads Advisory Group (Department of the Environment; UK)
CLAGCanajoharie Library and Art Gallery (Canajoharie, NY)
CLAGControl Line Aeromodellers of Gippsland Inc (Victoria, Australia)
CLAGClosing Agreement (IRS)
CLAGCloud Low, Aircraft Grounded (UK)
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A partir de 1990 hemos mantenido una fluida comunicacion con participaciones en congresos de CLAG y en los de la Asociacion de Geografos Americanos (AAG).
The CLAG, the National Coordinating Committee on Children (NCCC), and representatives from various ministries met regularly to discuss legislative and policy issues concerning children, including child sexual abuse which may be linked to trafficking.
The 'clag' is the troops' word for the kind of dark, pea-souper fog that would have made Jack the Ripper leap for joy.
g(x) = 2.3 + 38.3 CLImax - 116.0 CLimean - 260.0 PCRCI - 143.5 PCLAG - 3.9 CLAG Using the estimated logit, probabilities of recession (or expansion) can be calculated as follows: p = |e.sup.|Beta~|prime~x~/(1 + |e.sup.|Beta~|prime~x~).(3) As one might expect, increases in the values of the composite indexes result in smaller probabilities of recession.
That may not be such a criticism - though four hundred large shirt of seven mill is not exactly chump change but another reason why the car doesn't quite cut it is because it is aimed at a specific demographic: the lifestyle individual who likes to plough the clag once in a while.Not everybody does that, same way not everybody wants a pickup.
I want an experienced CFII in the right seat as safety net for a pilot's first foray into the clag, because the decision that pilots will be making means potentially looking death in the face, and I want the pilot alive.
There are few finer feelings than sitting at altitude in the clag, knowing that you're spring-loaded for anything.
In this instance, it involved climbing out of the window and jumping for land, only to end up buried up to my unmentionables in freezing clag. Therefore, when Land Rover announced that it was about to equip its most expensive vehicle, the Range Rover, with a diesel/electric hybrid drive system, I was more than curious to see how this would pan out.
On a good day, Glencoe's Spring Run is as gorgeous as any of Europe's top pistes but when the clag and mizzle set in it can be seriously grim.
Today a variety of options are available for the management of pterygium including irradiation, CLAG, AMT and application of mytomycin C.