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CLAGConference of Latin Americanist Geographers
CLAGCryptocurrency Legal Advocacy Group (bitcoins)
CLAGCytoadherence Linked Asexual Gene
CLAGCritical Loads Advisory Group (Department of the Environment; UK)
CLAGCanajoharie Library and Art Gallery (Canajoharie, NY)
CLAGControl Line Aeromodellers of Gippsland Inc (Victoria, Australia)
CLAGClosing Agreement (IRS)
CLAGCloud Low, Aircraft Grounded (UK)
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The fact that I was in the clag with a clueless controller in mountainous terrain wasn't helping my blood pressure.
But for everything else, when it counts and especially when single-pilot in the clag, knowing in advance where to put the power levers and other controls to obtain desired performance simplifies things for me.
Tenders are invited for Bags For Keyman, Black Make Of High Quality Waterproof Rexine ,Outer Aultered With Quality Jeans Fabric Inside For High Strength With Hammer Holder At Front Side, With Bottle Holder And Clag Holder At Both The Coners.
Over the past 21 years of flying in the clag, I studiously reviewed the charts and made decisions about attempting my destination long before I launched on a trip to the planned destination.
An' she reckons I dropped meself right in the clag last week saying as how yer could see the Hairy Lemon from the scene of the crime an' that.
I leveled off at 1,200 feet, still in the clag and still not keeping my normal scan.
It was an education seeing them au naturel, up to their wheel rims in clag, armour-plated bottoms thumping over boulders.
On the way home you got some time in the clag and shot an approach to your non-towered home field.
This way, students have a better chance of getting experience in the clag before going for the checkride, or piling in their family for everyone's first taste of IMC afterward.
Dang, that's practically like real IF&R, so down he goes through the clag, riding the localizer like a horizontal pole dancer but unsure how that glide slope needle worked.