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CLASS IIClothing, Individual Equipment, Tentage, and Organizational Tool Sets (Army)
CLASS IIComprehensive LSAR Automated Support System II
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Additionally, Class I taxes are based on 8 percent of market value, while Class II is based on about 45 percent and that is one of the problems the legislation will rectify.
Key words: Class II malocclusion, Class II division 1 malocclusion, Class II division 2 malocclusion
Mary Ann Rothman, executive director of the Council of New York Cooperatives said, "We need to thank everyone in the City Council who clearly recognized the unfair burden on Class II.
The group that would be hurt by such a proposal are the office buildings," he said, "so we are watching that and while we would like to see the help to Class II, I don't know why you have to help the Class I's," he added, referring to the preferential treatment they have been given over the last 14 years in holding down taxes.
Gilbert III said, "The mayor should come clean and acknowledge that the Class II property owners are getting smacked in the pocketbook.
The SBEA-using January 1989 values -- determined that the Class I and Class III shares should decrease while Class IV should have a small rise and Class II a rise of 8.
The final billable assess valuation for class II was $24.
The SBEA numbers would raise the Class II co-op and apartment buildings taxes by an estimated 8.
Charles Rappaport, president of the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives, representing over 700 member condos and co-ops in Class II said "It's a real con job.
Premarket approval is typically a costly and time-consuming process and, according to FDA, exemptions for Class I and Class II are intended to reduce regulatory burdens and expense borne by manufacturers for devices where the safety and effectiveness of the device is well established.
The Collum angle of the permanent maxillary central incisors differ significantly among Class II division 1 and 2 permanent maxillary central incisor and showed pronounced axial bending in division 2 incisors (10.