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C2CCorner to Corner (Crochet)
C2CCradle to Cradle (product design sustainability concept)
C2CChance to Change (various organizations)
C2CCoast to Coast (walk)
C2CChance to Choose (various organizations)
C2CConsumer-to-Consumer (commerce)
C2CCapacity to Change (various organizations)
C2CCar-to-Car (automotive technology)
C2CCheek to Cheek (Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album)
C2CCenter to Center
C2CContract to Contract (employment)
C2CCar to Car
C2CConsumer to Consumer
C2CClient to Client
C2CClick to Call
C2CCarrier to Carrier
C2CCaveman to Cosmos (gaming)
C2CCam to Cam (webcam)
C2CConnect to Community
C2CCommunity to Community (Association; Bellingham, WA)
C2CColleague to Colleague (Kansas and Missouri; education)
C2CComputer to Computer
C2CCloud to Coast
C2CClassroom to Classroom (various locations)
C2CCarrier to Carrier Telecom (Netherlands)
C2CCoil to Can (aluminum can manufacturing)
C2CContainers to Clinics (Dover, MA)
C2CCorp to Corp
C2CChip-to-Chip (computer chip design)
C2CCash-To-Cash Cycle
C2CCrude to Customer (energy value chain)
C2CCity 2 City (Singtel)
C2CCare to Chat
C2CConcept to Customer
C2CCourage to Care
C2CCommand and Control Constellation
C2CCost to Company
C2CCheck to Check (money transfer)
C2CCollege to Corporate
C2CCadet 2nd Class
C2CCall to Consciousness (band)
C2CCouples 2 Couples
C2CCampus to Career (various schools)
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The former Ysgol y Valley, Anglesey pupil, who now lives in Shrewsbury with his mum, needs a new chair as he starts secondary school in September and will need to move from classroom to classroom.
Smart networks: The K-12 networking environment is challenging, as students with many devices move from classroom to classroom all day and need high-quality, uninterrupted coverage throughout the day no matter where they're working and studying.
Each Key Stage centred their work around a different continent and the children moved around from classroom to classroom to find out about life and language in different countries within that continent.
Students at the elementary school of Potamia village in the Nicosia District put theory to practice, operating a recycling paper workshop, transmitting their knowledge from classroom to classroom and from school to school.
Tenders are invited for supply contract, delivery and installation of digital classroom to classroom in grades 5 and Primary 6 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of ESO and Baccalaureate classrooms and training courses both intermediate level and higher level of public centers of the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture.
A still unidentified man in his 20s had sold the mostly macapuno candies by going from classroom to classroom.
The attacker went from classroom to classroom, shooting students pointblank in the head as well burning the body of a schoolteacher.
His friend, mother-of-three Beenish Butt, was also killed as the assassins moved from classroom to classroom.
Taliban insurgents stormed the armyrun school in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Tuesday, going from classroom to classroom shooting children, some as young as 12, in one of Pakistan's bloodiest ever attacks.
"The laptops are on three wheeled carts that can easily be moved from classroom to classroom," said Manuel Vazquez, general manager of The Mall of San Juan.
The amount of gain made during the pre-k year in TN-VPK classrooms varied substantially from classroom to classroom. Correlations of gains across subscales revealed that though classrooms that tended to make more relative gain on one subtest also tended to make relatively more gain on other subtests, the strength of the correlations did not suggest that classrooms making the most gains always made the most gains regardless of subject matter.
The grade 3 students went from classroom to classroom to advertise the 'Pass It On' campaign, initiated by Eros Group and Take My Junk, which aims to cut waste through extending the life cycle of electronic products by giving them away to those less fortunate.