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CCOCCentral County Occupational Center (San Jose, CA)
CCOCCommunity Church of Christ
CCOCChinese Chamber of Commerce (various locations)
CCOCCanadian Children's Opera Chorus
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CCOCCrosley Car Owners Club (North Carolina)
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CCOCClear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma
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CCOCCompany Combat Operations Center (US Marine Corps)
CCOCCommand Control Operations Center
CCOCCombustion Chamber Outer Casing (jet turbine engines)
CCOCCACI and the Community Colleges of Colorado
CCOCCommand Center Operations Chief
CCOCCommunications, Control & Operations Concept
CCOCCongressional Correctional Officers Caucus
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Two recurrences were recorded (4 years after initial surgery and 8 years following the second operation), and the diagnosis now was clear cell odontogenic carcinoma.
A semimaxillectomy was performed, and the postsurgical diagnosis was clear cell odontogenic carcinoma.
6) Subsequently, similar cases showing aggressive growth, recurrent behavior, and metastatic spread were reported and were therefore designated as clear cell odontogenic carcinoma.
Clear cell odontogenic carcinoma can be distinguished from the clear cell variant of calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor because it lacks the characteristic calcifications and amyloid deposition.
Clear cell odontogenic carcinoma in the mandible: histochemical and immunohistochemical observations with a review of the literature.
Histologic and immunohistochemical examinations were performed on clear cell odontogenic carcinomas from 5 patients.
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