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Elise Kemp was born in Wellington in 1883 and was killed on October 20, 1917 while on duty at the 37th Casualty Clearing Station in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium, engaged in treating the wounded from local action that day.
One nurse in charge of a ward at a Casualty Clearing Station, who received 45 dangerously injured patients in one night, 15 of whom died before the morning, broke down emotionally and physically, and had to be admitted to a convalescent home herself.
He died of his wounds in a casualty clearing station a month after the Armistice and is now buried at Terlincthun British Cemetery at Wimille in France.
Set in a poorly lit wooden shed that served as a casualty clearing station in the first few months of Nevinson's ambulance service, La Patrie depicts row upon row of casualties lying on stretchers on a straw-covered floor.
A total of 25 other patients from the bus were assessed by the crews who set up a casualty clearing station in the hotel.
He was assigned to a small tent hospital called a Clearing Station positioned a short distance behind the front lines.
To the disappointment of its members, it fell victim to traditional thinking among the hierarchy, being subsumed in February 1942 within a casualty clearing station.
After serving as demonstrator in anatomy and senior house surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Kilner joined the RAMC, served as a front line surgeon in a Casualty Clearing Station on the Western Front then, in 1918 as a surgical specialist at No.
General Hospitals 3 Auxiliary Hospitals 4 Dermatological Hospitals 1 Convalescent Depots 2 Stationary Hospitals 2 Casualty Clearing Station 1 Field Ambulances 12 Light Horse Fd.
Instead they were taken to an immigration clearing station in Reliance House, Liverpool, and face removal to Tinsley House secure detention centre near Gatwick airport.
Oliver Plunkett Rowntree was just 22 when he was blown up after a 50lb bomb exploded prematurely at Newry custom clearing station in 1972.