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There were goals galore in this division - Chris Barnett (2), Casey Dennis (2), Paul Huelsmann, Matt Jarmo and Kenji Kinoshita outgunning Anthoney Cley and Allen Butler to wrap up Warwick University's 7-2 verdict against North Notts while Ben Lanoe, Mark Leary, Terry Malcolm supported Alex Byrd's double as Stratford cruised to a 6-0 decision at Wellingborough.
Francisco Alexandre de Lima SalesI Jose Antonio Delfino Barbosa Filho" Joao Paulo Rodrigues Alves Delfino Barbosam Thales Vinicius de Araujo Viana" Cley Anderson Silva de FreitasIV
air base RAF Lakenheath in eastern England, went down in January in marshland near Cley next the Sea on the north Norfolk coast, a rural area about 130 miles (209 km) northeast of London.
there lyenge as a lumpe of cley be lefte without any senses or wyttes of heryng, seynge, smellynge, tastyng, or touchynges.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Four people are believed dead after a US military helicopter crashed Tuesday near Cley, on the North Sea coast of England, authorities said.
Cley, January 8 (BNA) -- Four people were killed when a US air force (USAF) helicopter crashed during a "low-level" training exercise.
"We can confirm that one of our HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters went down outside Cley during a low-level flying exercise," said a spokesman at the USAF base.
I love Cley and Wells-next-the-Sea in north Norfolk.
TJ alest, kojast jukanat ansaek 'es waren (und) lebten ein Mann (und) eine Frau; (es) waren (und) lagen mit einer Frau ein Mann' (Wogulische Volksdichtung III 154, 249), NVag oles kujes kum jekanseX 'es lebten (und) waren ein Mann und eine Frau; (es lebten (und) lagen [Sing.] ein Mann (und) ein Frau-Mann)' (Wogulische Volksdichtung III 148, 248), So ekapiy akekal cley, Xos csiy, wati csiy 'der Neffe einer alten Frau lebt mit (seiner) Tante, lange lebten sie (oder) kurze Zeit lebten sie (so)' (Wogulische Volksdichtung III 35), ostj.
4 CLEY WINDMILL, Norfolk AN 18TH century windmill-turnedguesthouse offers the perfect romantic hideaway at Cley-next-the-Sea, complete with four-posters, an atmospheric circular sitting room with roaring fire, and spectacular sea views.
Perched on the north Norfolk coast, the National Wildlife Trust's Cley marshes is one of the UK's finest bird-watching havens, its pools attracting waterbirds in their thousands.