CLIECommunication Link Information and Entertainment
CLIECreate Lifestyle with Innovation and Emotion
CLIECommunication, Link, Information & Entertainment (Sony PDA)
CLIECommittee for Linguistics in Education (UK)
CLIEContralateral Laparoscopic Inguinal Exploration (endoscopy)
CLIECrossed Line Immunoelectrophoresis Technique (dermatitis)
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Toshinori Nakamura, general manager of business strategy, Handheld Computer Company, Sony Corporation, said, "The CLIE product line is redefining the role of handheld devices.
The latest CLIE PEG-NZ90 model is powered by a 200MHz ARM(R)-compliant processor and features an integrated 2 Mega Pixel digital camera.
Our customers have requested the ability to present powerful, professional presentations from a broad range of handheld devices, and we continue to respond with additions to the Presenter-to-Go product family - now lightening carry-on luggage for CLIE handheld users by eliminating the need to use a laptop for presentations.
The newest addition to MARGI's Presenter-to-Go product family includes a Memory Stick slot-enabled interface cable for use with the complete line of Sony CLIE handhelds, software for slide creation from PowerPoint and other printable PC applications, and MARGI Mirror software for displaying handheld screen shots.
With form-fitting pockets, users can securely slip their Clie handheld into its form-fitting pocket.
NOTE TO EDITORS: In the term "Sony Clie Handhelds" noted in this news release, there is an accent mark over the "e" in "Clie.
Because the new CLIE N760C handheld operates on the industry's latest Palm OS(R) (version 4.
In order for the current line of CLIE handhelds to really capture the title of Personal Entertainment Organizer, music has to be available on every model.
We are pleased to add the Sony CLIE device, which industry reviews describe as one of the hottest new Palm-based handhelds.
CLIE handheld owners will find information on thousands of handheld applications organized by category -- business/professional, personal productivity, education/reference, entertainment, industry solutions, software tools and travel -- for easy navigation and downloading.
As part of the TrueSync network of supported devices, Clie users can easily synchronize other supported handheld devices, desktop PIMs and Web-based calendars for instant access to updated information anytime, anywhere and from any device.
With the CLIE Handheld, Sony is continuing to pioneer the integration of entertainment with clever, functional and elegant electronics devices.