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C/SChief of Staff
C/SCesarean Section
C/SCall Sign
C/SCycles Per Second
C/SCentral Site
C/SCommanders-in-Chief (CINCs) / Services
C/SControl and Status
C/SCounts Per Second
C/SCulture and Sensitivity (medical)
C/SCourse and Speed
C/SCut and Sifted (herbs)
C/SConcurrent Evaluation (Shipboard)
C/SContainment and Surveillance
C/SCommon Spacecraft
C/SCommercial Vehicle Substitute
C/SCervical Spondylosis
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Unfortunately for many organizations that blindly started client/server projects in anticipation of lower costs, the argument fails to reflect reality.
Want to increase the chances that your client/server project will make the grade and come in on budget?
With today's release, Rosebud Solutions solidifies its leadership position in the medical equipment management software market with its ready-to-go MEMS Client/Server product.
The client/server movement initially was driven by vendors quick to spot a marketing opportunity.
META Group's partnership with Client/Server Labs will enable us to offer these critical services to our customers.
Citrix WinFrame thin- client/server software gives our customers the performance they demand of our product in this wireless environment, and we look forward to the release of MetaFrame thin-client/server software from Citrix.
SSA's intuitive range of the BPCS Client/Server product line has contributed to the enhancement of our business processes, and our approach to customer care and support.
Using BPCS Client/Server V6 to integrate the supply chain function throughout Lucas' operations will help streamline business processes, reduce costs and provide the necessary functionality to meet the demands of the aftermarket industry.
The alliance with Whittman-Hart will enable SSA to meet the overwhelming demand for BPCS Client/Server version 6.
From a user's perspective, the flexibility and ease of use in BPCS Client/Server version 6.
NASDAQ:MOVA), one of the world's leading makers of fine watches, is implementing BPCS Client/Server version 6.
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