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CLBICanadian Lutheran Bible Institute
CLBICentral Louisiana Business Incubator (Alexandria, LA)
CLBIClimb Immediately
CLBICareer-Life Balance Inventory (cardiovascular disease research)
CLBIConcussive-Like Brain Injury
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of British mountaineering and inspired me to want to learn to rock climb immediately.
It was just 300ft above a hilltop on Saddleworth Moor when flight controllers spotted the error on their radar screens and ordered the pilot to climb immediately.
We saw our sales climb immediately as this news hit," says Chris Smith, VP of marketing for Frank's Sauerkraut, one of the United States' leading brands of Sauerkraut.
He was provided vectors for a second ILS approach but, shortly after issuing the clearance, ATC informed him he was well right of course and directed him to climb immediately to 3000 feet, citing a low-altitude alert.