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CQCongressional Quarterly, Inc. (provider of information on government, politics and public policy)
CQCorrect (writers/editors annotation)
CQConquest (gaming)
CQNorthern Mariana Islands
CQContrôle Qualité (French: Quality Control)
CQAll stations (Logging abbreviation)
CQContrat de Qualification (French: Qualifying Contract)
CQCustomer Quality
CQCalling Any Station (Morse Code abbreviation)
CQSeek You (radio shorthand)
CQCharge of Quarters
CQClassical Quarterly (Classics journal)
CQCosmoQuest (Orissa, India software company)
CQClear Quest (IBM rational developer tool)
CQCustom Queuing (network resource sharing)
CQCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
CQCarrier Qualification
CQContinuous Query
CQCome Quickly (early ship distress call)
CQCigarette Quit (Nicoderm CQ)
CQCall to Quarters
CQControl Question (polygraphy)
CQCasu Quo (Latin: In Which Case)
CQCommunication Quality
CQChex Quest (forum)
CQClosed Quarters
CQCadit Quaestio (Latin: the question falls)
CQChevalier de l'ordre National du Québec
CQCAS Signal
CQClinical Query
CQConcept Query
CQCascade Quadruplet (filter)
CQConditionally Qualified
CQCleaning Qualification
CQCaptains Qualification
CQChuckles Quietly
CQConditional Quantization
CQAir Post Parcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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The clinical query skill development in medical school is an extension of the research basic skills workshops taught to the premedical students.
To answer this clinical query I searched medline/ pubmed and the Cochrane library.
Of those who called the hotline with a clinical query, 96% reported that they changed their patient management as a result of the information provided.
"We had a committee of nurses, and they taught us their workflow." As part of this process, nurse analysts were able to modify documentation screen flows and content to maximize their usability among the nurses, The hospital also began generating weekly reports using Horizon Clinical Query to determine existing performance and outcomes.
A clinical query for signs and symptoms of neuropathy is warranted, but specialized testing is not indicated in the absence of symptoms.
A model of clinical query management that supports integration of biomedical information over the World Wide Web.
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