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CTVCitrus Tristeza Virus
CTVCentro Televisivo Vaticano (Vatican Television Center)
CTVCatch the Vision
CTVChildren's Television
CTVCanadian Television Network
CTVConventional Television
CTVConfederación de Trabajadores de Venezuela (Workers Confederation of Venezuela)
CTVCable Television
CTVClick to View
CTVClinical Target Volume (radiotherapy treatment)
CTVComité Technique des Vaccinations (French: Technical Committee on Vaccinations)
CTVContest the Vote
CTVColor Television
CTVChannel Television (UK)
CTVCrew Transfer Vehicle
CTVCrew Transport Vehicle (NASA)
CTVClub Taurin Vicois (French bullfighting club)
CTVControl Test Vehicle
CTVCorpo Truppe Volontarie (Italian: Voluntary Troops Corps; Spanish Civil War)
CTVCampus TeleVideo
CTVCourt Television
CTVCartonnages Techniques de Villefranche (French cardboard display manufacturer)
CTVConsolidated Tax Voucher
CTVCompatibility Test Van
CTVClinical Trials Victoria (Australia)
CTVCharpente Toiture Varoise (French roofing company)
CTVCentre de Télécommunication Vendéen (French telecommunications company)
CTVCompletion-Time Variance (processing)
CTVCapital Timber Value
CTVCitrusTV (Syracuse University, NY)
CTVCylindrical Test Vehicle
CTVCommission Technique de Versailles
CTVConsorzio Trasporti Veneziano (Venetian Transport Consortium, Italy)
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CT: computed tomography, RF: radiation field, GTV: gross tumor volume, CTV: clinical target volume, Ao: aorta, IVC: inferior vena cava, Kid: right kidney, ob: obturator lymph node, ci: left common iliac lymph node, and pa: para-aortic lymph node.
In cases receiving standard conformal RT, the clinical target volume (CTV) consisted of the entire prostate gland and the seminal vesicle base, and the planning target volume (PTV) was set as the CTV with 8-mm margins to establish the recommended radiation field.
Radiation therapy (RT) is a key component of local management for extremity STS [2-4] and wide clinical target volume (CTV) margins are required for optimal local control [5].
The clinical target volume (CTV) had started 6 mm below the anastomosis, had extended to cover the prostate bed 3 cm superiorly along the posterior side of the pubic symphysis, and had covered the space posterior to the bladder.
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