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CAHCongenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
CAHCritical Access Hospital
CAHCards against Humanity (game)
CAHCollege at Home (education)
CAHClinics and Hospitals (California)
CAHCanadian Association for Health
CAHCrazy as Hell
CAHChild and Adolescent Health and Development
CAHChronic Active Hepatitis
CAHCambridge Ancient History
CAHCarbonic Anhydrase
CAHCreative Arts and Humanities (various organizations)
CAHClassification Ascendante Hiérarchique (French: Agglomerative Hierarchical Classification; classification method)
CAHCenter for Arts and History (Lewis-Clark State College; Lewiston, ID)
CAHComplexe Argilo Humique (French: Clay-Humic Complex)
CAHCapture and Hold
CAHClub de l'Amélioration de l'Habitat (French: Home Improvement Club)
CAHCampaign against Homophobia (various locations)
CAHCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Hyperbarie (French: Hyperbaric Fitness Certificate)
CAHChicago Academy High (Chicago, IL)
CAHCitizens Against Hate
CAHComputers and the Humanities
CAHCyanide and Happiness (web comic)
CAHCustomer Assistance Handbook
CAHCenter for the Advancement of Health
CAHComportement Animal et Humain (French: Animal and Human Behavior)
CAHCentre on Aging and Health
CAHCentre Aquitain de l'Habitat (French: Aquitaine Housing Center; home rehabilitation company; Canéjan, Aquitaine, France)
CAHCinnamic Acid Hydroxylase
CAHHelicopter-Carrying Heavy Cruiser (US Navy)
CAHCoalition for Animal Health
CAHCampaign for Affordable Housing (Los Angeles, CA)
CAHCentre d'Animation Historique (French: Animation History Center; Port-Louis, France)
CAHContact Action History
CAHCosine of Angle X = Adjacent Side Length / Hypotenuse Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
CAHCorporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (UK)
CAHCharge Against Hunger
CAHComité d'Agrément des Hébergeurs (French: Approval Committee of Hosts)
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Strict directions have been issued by the government after complaints of treatment criminals in the private clinics and hospitals. The government has directed the doctors practicing in these clinics and hospitals to ensure the maintenance of complete data of the patients.
Additional Deputy Commissioner General (ADC-G) Abdul Sattar Isani told the ICT teams raided clinics and hospitals in areas of Golra Sharif and Mehrabadi and also seized sub-standard and expired medicine.
According to ADCG, the clinics and hospitals sealed in area of Golra Sharif included Sobia Dawa Khana, City Hospital, Saeed Welfare Hospital and Alibaba Medical Store.
Dubai: A lack of typhoid vaccines in private clinics and hospitals is causing huge concern among Dubai residents as they prepare for their summer travel.
But that is changing rapidly as more and more clinics and hospitals automate their record-keeping.
For example, in the multi-clinic/hospital medical group, such as a staff model HMO, pharmacy continuity may consist of shared drug and allergy profiles between and among clinics and hospitals. Or, computerized linkage of all ECG tracings from ambulatory, hospital, and home health settings may ensure use of previous data in the interpretation of new results.