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CMXCorel Presentation Exchange
CMXChicago Mercantile Exchange (Chicago, IL)
CMXCrisis Management Exercise
CMXCorel Presentation Exchange (file extension)
CMXCloaca Maxima (sewage system of ancient Rome; Finnish rock band)
CMXCompact Media Extensions (Qualcomm)
CMXCisco Mobile Exchange
CMXHancock, MI, USA - Houghton County / Memorial (Airport Code)
CMXCommunications cable limited use
CMXChina Middle East Express
CMXConnection Module X
CMXCarrier Mexico SA
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En la antigua Roma, el drenaje se concentraba en una Cloaca Maxima que descargaba en el rio Tiber; una pesima idea.
The 1st century BC Bocca della Verita, or mouth of truth, probably covered up one of the holes leading to Rome's great sewer - the 6th century BC marvel that is the Cloaca Maxima.
She's not alone there, in church or cave, catacombs, or cloaca maxima where Sebastian was thrown.
Evidence of indoor plumbing and the use of water to carry away human effluent can be traced back to examples in India and Scotland, and the famous Cloaca Maxima (Greatest Sewage System) of ancient Rome.
More accurate were his analyses of ancient technology: for instance, in the drawing of the Cloaca Maxima, he dissected the great sewer to make a picturesque masterpiece.
The "Great Drain" known as the Cloaca Maxima beneath the Roman Forum is amazing.
Pestilencia del aire envilecido, Cloaca Maxima que ha devorado a la ciudad, descomposicion total de este pais y este mundo.
Program highlights: Boston's "Big Dig," Rome's Cloaca Maxima, Hoosac Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, and the Thames Tunnel, the "Chunnel.