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This small MEMS clock generator can replace up to three crystals and oscillators on a board, reducing timing component board space by up to 80%.
Current starved voltage controlled oscillator (CSVCO), configured using a CMOS-based ring oscillator, can be a good choice for clock generator circuit since it offers certain advantages like low power consumption, improved tuning range, simple architecture, low area and ease of integration (Saw and Nath 2015; Zhang and Apsel 2009).
The amplifier uses a linear power supply, and separate battery-isolated power supply drives sensitive circuits such as the clock generator.
Figure 2 shows the architecture of the proposed TD-POR and volume control circuit, which consists of Time-Division input stage, 8-bit SAR ADC, clock generator, LDO, and digital logic circuit.
The fig.5, the delayed pulsed clock generator is designed by using CMOS technology with the standard W/L ratio as 3:1.
Form the clock generator's point of view, this voltage anti-node translates in a no-load condition.
An onboard clock generator can receive an external sample clock from the front panel coaxial connector that can be used directly as the sample clock or divided by a built-in clock synthesizer circuit.
The 5P49V5901 is an in-system programmable clock generator featuring four universal output pairs capable of producing independent frequencies up to 350 MHz in various output types.
To make sure that the clock signal generated by the clock generator circuit is not attenuated and is able to be transmitted to each transceiver circuit, the clock distribution circuit consumes a considerable amount of power because of the relatively high signal amplification that is required over multiple stages.
This technique helps to save the required power clock generator with less power.
The amount of the selections to be averaged is determined by the divider, installed between the strobe former (clock generator) and the RS-trigger.