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CLORCentralne Laboratorium Ochrony Radiologicznej (Polish: Central Laboratory on Radiological Protection; Warsaw, Poland)
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See also Clor, supra note 42, for a close analysis of
Comparando as alteracoes das variaveis de qualidade da agua da amostragem de referencia (Atividade 1) com as demais amostragens que representam as atividades desenvolvidas nas MBs, verifica-se por meio da Tabela 4 que na MB 1 as variaveis Ferro, CO, clor, Sulf e SS apresentaram concentracoes superiores aos da referencia na atividade 3 (limpeza de cepas e primeiro combate a formiga).
(162) See, e.g., GEORGE, supra note 9, at 99 ("The human interest in dignity and beauty in sexual relationships, and in the creation and maintenance of a 'cultural structure' which supports these goods, is a 'collective' interest...."); Clor, supra note 2, at 36-37 ("The traditional public morality that condemns the pornographic is part of an ethos associating sexuality with love or affection--or, at least, regarding it as a relation among persons, not just between bodies.
Del extracto etanolico de corteza fueron identificados 2 alcaloides (X1 y Clor Q1), por medio de espectrofotometria (Figura 1); evidenciando, para la fraccion X1, picos maximos de absorcion en 320 y 400 nm, y para la fraccion Clor Q1, picos maximos de absorcion en 320 y 420 nm, tipico de sistemas alcaloidales 1, 2, 3 sustituidos oxoaporfinicos o aporfinico (SHAMMA, 1972).
However, it was also used to identify three stimulative popular music selections (Clor's Love + Pain; DeGraw's Chariot; Pink's Who Knew) and one stimulating piece of traditional folk music as sedative (Flook's Blackberry Blossom/The Independence).
Clor, ed., The Mass Media and Modern Democracy (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1974), p.
Gregorio de Tours refiere a ellas como litterae, notae litterarum, elementa litterarum (Clor. Confessio, 29: Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores Rerum Merovingicarum, I-2, 772), Aldhelmo habla de abecedarium (Enigma, XXX: Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Auctores Antiquissimi, XV, 110) y, en Irlanda se las denominaba abgitorium (8).
Manifold, Jonesville, MI; Garrett Myers, Upperstrasburg, PA; Zackary Clor, Lapeer, MI; Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Airway Heights, WA; Luke Herschberger, Tuscola, IL; Jacob Erbes, Walcott, ND; Krista Balmer, Bemidji, MN; Austin Lutringer, Katy, TX; Sean Buckley, Oak Lake, Manitoba; Jesse Jagol, Ashland, WI; Dustin Couch, Liberty, PA; and Tyler Stewart, Tigerton, WI--Buck Bomb 4-pack including 1 doe estrus, 1 dominant buck, 1 young buck, and I doe p ($40 each); Christine Scully-west, Bothell, WA--E-Z Adjust Release from Cobra Archery ($40); RJ Kane, West Grove, PA; and Donald E.
Barringtone, fronted by Barry Dobbin who used to be in Clor.