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CQBClose Quarters Battle
CQBClose Quarter Battle (Mike Curtis novel)
CQBCentral Question Bank (aviation exam)
CQBComité de Quartier de Borderouge (French: Borderouge District Committee; Borderouge, France)
CQBCrazy Quilt Bouquet (band; UK)
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Participants must keep in mind that half of the course consists of close quarters battle techniques and the second largest piece of training deals with live- fire using both handguns and shoulder weapons," a letter from the home ministry says.
Renewed emphasis on marksmanship--Students would learn the fundamentals of close quarters battle (CQB) through extensive train-up program culminating in a shoot-house live-fire.
During the reconnaissance, Corporal *** and the Australian SAS soldier came under enemy engagement consisting of heavy gunfire, involving close quarters battle, over a period of two hours.
Examples of recent SEP programs are the close quarters battle kit and the integrated laser/white light pointer (ILWLP).
This is a close quarters battle,'' he said, stressing that no U.
This creates the ultimate tactical lighting system for entry, close quarters battle or home defense.
Provides consistent and improved effects against soft targets and in close quarters battle
Models include the SIG516 7" Personal Defense Weapon (PDW); the SIG516 10" Close Quarters Battle (CQB); the SIG516 14.
The day before, while teaching a close quarters battle class, I had gotten the students well under a second for draw to the shot from an open holster and demonstrated same in around three-quarters of a second, but had also taught them that a concealing garment would add a good half second.
Army snipers in Bosnia and presented an introduction to small arms close quarters battle marksmanship to all 11 forward operating bases of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq.