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CCTVChina Central Television
CCTVClosed Circuit Television (aka CCT)
CCTVCircuito Cerrado de Televisión
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CCTVCapital Community Television (Salem, Oregon)
CCTVChittenden Community Television (Burlington, Vermont)
CCTVCampzone Community Television
CCTVCommand and Control Training Vehicle
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Currently, 46 states and three United States territories (Guarn, (4) Virgin Islands, (5) Puerto Rico (6)) allow for the use of closed circuit television or other alternative means for a child to testify without appearing in court.
She became the champion with the lowest score, and during the morning announcements on the school's closed circuit television studio, the following was broadcast: "Attention Web Heads.
Disassemble and modification of existing facilities closed circuit television, delivery and installation of new equipment closed circuit television system for operating a set 206.
Nortronics will upgrade the buildings' existing intercom systems to a sophisticated telephone access system, and service and maintain the complex's existing closed circuit television (CCTV) system, according to Mafia Gonzalez, Nortronics' vice president and president-in-waiting.
NetImage XSO is a "CCTV Over IP" system that replaces old-fashioned closed circuit television networks with Internet-enabled local area networks.
Tenders are invited for New 2015 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
Old-fashioned analogue closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) are quickly being made obsolete by newer versions that can transmit their images over the Internet.
Instructions have been issued by the Railway Board to all Zonal Railways to install Closed Circuit Television (CCTVs) at identified major computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centers to keep a watch on the activities at reservation counters.
NetImage XSO is one product within a category known as CCTV Over IP, or closed circuit television Internet protocol.