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Robeling, 2011: Estimating seasonal variations in cloud droplet number concentration over the boreal forest from satellite observations.
For the first time, satellite retrievals suggest that CTD cloud decks may play a unique role in the radiation budget due to a combination of aerosol sources that enhance cloud droplet number concentration and reduce cloud droplet effective radius.
Also, the cloud droplet number concentration is assumed to be roughly constant with height.
Cloud depth H and cloud droplet number concentration N may be derived from observations of r and LWP after assuming an adiabatic cloud model (Bennartz 2007).
In particular, we lack adequate observations of the coupled evolution of aerosol, cloud droplet number concentration, and precipitation during such transitions.
10) obtained on RF02 show much higher aerosol and cloud droplet number concentrations in the eastern part of the low-level sampling areas than those to the west.
(b),(c) The droplet effective radius from GOES analyses for the RF02 at 1600 and 1800 UTC, respectively, (d)-(g) The UHSAS-reported aerosol number concentrations, CDP-reported cloud droplet number concentrations, concentration of carbon monoxide, and concentration of ozone, respectively.
[Recall that smaller particles require higher supersaturations for activation (Lamb and Verlinde 2011, chapter 3).] The cloud droplet number concentration is equal to the number concentration of aerosol particles between 36 and 289 nm, indicating that the maximum supersaturation reached during the expansion was 0.56%, using the fact that all particles were NaCl and converting particle diameter to a critical supersaturation using K-Kohler theory (Petters and Kreidenweis 2007).
Gettleman, 2009: Constraining cloud droplet number concentration in GCMs suppresses the aerosol indirect effect.
Gettelman, 2009: Constraining cloud droplet number concentration in GCMs suppresses the aerosol indirect effect.
The cloud droplet number concentrations were low and continued to decrease further with height owing to coalescence in the clean clouds (see Fig.