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CMAXMaximum Concentration
CMAXMaximum Capacity
CMAXContent Management for American Express (content management system)
CMAXCombined Medical Assistance Exercise
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The stolen CMAX was recovered burnt out in Oakthorpe, Leicestershire.
The maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) is the highest concentration of a drug in specified compartment after it has been administrated and was found to be 1.9+-0.1 ug.mL-1 for warfarin alone and 1.9+-0.0 ug.mL-1 for warfarin in in combination with caffeine in present study.
Police arrested two men from each car but three others escaped from the CMAX with PS62,000 worth of stolen loot.
In starch loading, chloroform fractions resulted in much reduction of both Cmax and AUC while all the fractions had similar values of Tmax (Table II).
Cinepax is introducing CMAX in Pakistan which is 4 stories high and 80 feet wide.
multiplex with CMAX technology for the first time in Pakistan at
Se utilizo el programa de computacion PCNONLIN 4.0 (SCI Software, Lexington, KY, USA) para calcular los parametros farmacocineticos de la cefalexina a partir de la curva concentracion plasmatica vs tiempo de cada animal, mediante un analisis no compartimental y de acuerdo a las ecuaciones clasicas (8) , excepto la concentracion maxima (Cmax) y el tiempo maximo (Tmax), que se obtuvieron a partir de las concentraciones plasmaticas observadas.
(Tmax) and maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) were directly calculated.
Maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) of F4 was approximately 50% smaller and volume of distribution (Vd) was two to three times higher than the others formulations (p < 0.05).
Pleasant, PA, November 11, 2016 --( ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in outdoor LCD enclosures, is named the exclusive supplier of high-bright LCD enclosures for COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority's new CMAX rapid transit bus stops.