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Juno's measurement of Jupiter's gravity field indicates a north-south asymmetry, similar to the asymmetry observed in its zones and belts," said Luciano Iess, Juno co-investigator from Sapienza University of Rome, and lead author on a paper on Jupiter's gravity field in the journal Nature.
Led by Daniel Ezra, alongside co-investigator Anjana Haridas, through three pilot studies, the pair will test a 3D imaging system which has been used in breast reconstruction and reconstructive craniofacial surgery.
NASA Commentator Lori Meggs at the Marshall Space Fight Center speaks with Jojo Sayson, a co-investigator for the Intervertebral Disc Damage study, about research underway to understand the causes of back pain suffered by crew members while working in weightlessness on the International Space Station.
Salman, with co-investigator Kinga Piskorz '15, performed various traditional and modern assays to determine the identification of a bacterium.
While earlier evidence exists of the presence of water on Mars, and researchers have long looked at surface channels on Mars, this marks the first time scientist have actually seen water-transported gravel on Mars, said William Dietrich, Curiosity science co-investigator from the University of California, Berkeley.
The parent co-investigator is involved in interpretation and dissemination of results to both health care providers and community groups.
We have been successful in stimulating cell and tissue growth both in the laboratory and in animal models and replacing bone with bone--the underlying principle of bone tissue engineering," said co-investigator Molly Shoichet, MCIC, a professor of chemical engineering and applied chemistry at the Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME).
Rock is a co-investigator for the Women's Healthy Eating and Living Study (WHELS), which involves more than 3,000 breast cancer survivors in the western United States.
Erin Leahey, co-investigator of the new study, says she hopes that, despite these findings, educators and administrators will recognize perceived gender differences and the stereotypes created by them.
Gail Eckhardt has been the principal investigator on over 40 Phase I/II trials and co-investigator on a further 50 experimental drug trials.
Alan Darlington, a University of Guelph plant scientist and co-investigator in the project, is in the energy savings, particularly in northern climes.
FLORIDA (CyHAN)- NASA Public Affairs Officer Lori Meggs talks with Michael Bungo, co-investigator for the Integrated Cardiovascular experiment taking place aboard the International Space Station.