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CO-OPCooperative Education Program
CO-OPCognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (child therapy)
CO-OPContinuity of Operations Planning
CO-OPCooperative Open-OSS Project (TMF)
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Opening the 10th annual conference of Ditswammung Savings and Credit Co-operative Society (SACCOS) for Diamond Trading Company (DTC) in Gaborone, assistant director for co-operatives-north, Mr Goleswang Ramogala said he had observed all the reports and came to a conclusion that members had not been given enough opportunity on the running of co-operatives.
The opening day comes after the board and management of Central England Co-operative and Wooldale Co-operative decided to join forces.
The strengthening of the co-operative movement is a main factor to alleviate poverty in Sri Lanka.
The co-operative sector, which is giving people a say over their work, shops and local areas is looking strong for the future and points the way.
He said the co-operative housing societies had been linked with the Registrar Office through a web portal in order to ensure transparency and redress the problems of members of co-operative societies promptly.
The Warwickshire-headquartered Co-op picked up the accolade at this year's Co-operative Congress held in Birmingham.
8%) decline on last year's PS38bn, a dip accounted for by The Co-operative Group now having just a 20% stake in The Cooperative Bank, following the successful re-capitalisation of the Bank in 2013 and 2014.
Founded in 1895, ICA is a nongovernment co-operative federation that unites, represents, and serves co-operatives and the co-operative movement worldwide.
Ms Hart said: "The report recommends that the provision of business advice and support to encourage the formation and development of co-operative and mutual should be significantly strengthened.
The group received the cash boost from The Co-operative Membership Community Fund, which is distributed to support local good causes The Co-operative is owned by its members, who are active in business in the communities in which it trades, including giving money from the membership community fund.
Part 1 of the book, which examines co-operatives and co-operative movements, begins with a discussion of cooperation among Native Americans and then early European settlers.
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